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Nostradamus – II


A Gothic Romance


A Gothic Romance

Naked I stand
Above the crown of corrupted souls
Reunited by night’s kiss
I drown myself in deepest sorrow
Ready to surrender my soul
Truly, my blood will
Deep in your dark thoughts


I follow your embrace
To your sweet embers
I fall from filth that is mankind
I fly


I shall never forget you
Unknown to corrupted minds
Born of velvet darkness
Awaken from pious shrines

And Diane,

Tonight I will drink your blood wine


A Soul Collage

You speak in tongues
I dont understand.

I want your soul
not a carbon of ‘Pan’.

Do you really believe?
Are you really to blame?

Or do you mimic the soul
Of one riding the flame?

In the sea of iniquity
beyond the rising black sun.

Lies a flower so delicate
the twice forgotten one

Kepola Athonoxo

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