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10 Reasons You Should Not Read Articles Like These and No. 6 Will Blow Your Mind.


  1. Get A Life: It is not so hard to understand. GET A LIFE and do something productive instead of reading shit like these and stimulating your ego.


  1. What you read has absolutely nothing to do with you. Why you ask? Because it is someone else’s point of view and no two people are the same.


  1. Articles like these, no matter how stupid or smart they seem, only exist for the sake of hits. Yes, this one too. Suck it.


  1. Treat your relationships as good as you treat your status on social network and you will see how and why these articles are nothing but eruption out of frustration, again subjective. Stop me.


  1. Coz she shared it: She is stupid and wants to live that way but even though you know this is all bullshit you will read and you will tell her how much you liked it coz YOLO and you want that pussy. For shame you stupid cunt, for shame.


  1. Just stop: The fact that you are still reading this even though i have been saying same thing in every point shows how stupid these articles have made you. So just stop and go read some classic novels or something on current affairs from sources that don’t just care about hits.


  1. What are you waiting for, my blessings? Fuck off now.



  • Poetbabu

And I entitled it: A Dirge…

Hey, generation of morrow,

Do you bathe in bricks,

Do you feast on shattered glass?

Is your mistress proud of you?

Do you feast on weaker mass

Do you sulk on higher doze?

Hey, hey, are you they talk about?

The one they worship

Are you the one in hiding?

Trying to boost your importance

Are you even qualified

Do you care for the rotten?

Hey, genocide, did you ever dine with it?

Have you Paralyzed your bone and mind

Are you the one who pities the crying?

Is it your pet who’s dying?

It is your damaged car

Or is it the one you ran over?

Hey, children of the lesser men

Which way is your god?

Is he hiding in your filth

Or did he die with incest?

Do you bite the bait of faith and hope

Bathed in pleasured forsaken songs?

  • – Poetbabu

What will you do in 2012?

It’s another year, another round of hand wringing about resolutions having eaten too much cake.

Now, after all air kissing, all-round spreading of germs and polluting of emails with insincere wishes for prosperity and happiness for fellow mankind, do you know what you want to do?

Are you in some foreign country, having bought the pre/post-christmas, post-31 december cut rate fares? Are you wandering, hand-in-hand with your beloved (or someone else’s) amidst the fountains and gardens of foreign land, refusing to admit that you have to return to a shitty economy?

Or are you hard at work, scheming schemes for the new financial year?

Have you asked your favorite astrologers about what 2012 holds in surprise? You had better do this quickly. Who better to ask than someone who is omniscient? Omniscient means he knows everything – absolutely everything, including Raakhee Sawant’s bra size.

Have you decided to reject the Mayan predictions? Because if you don’t, then there’s little point in planning.

Personally, i don’t believe the mayan calendar ends in 2012. I think the goats ate the rest of it.

Too proud to admit it was a mistake, the mayan astrologer decided to make up this end-of-the-world thing and gave everyone points to ponder.

Cigarettes cause cancer. Sugar causes diabetes. Farting cattle cause global warming. Eating cattle causes heart disease. Sex causes everyone to become jealous.

So, tip of the hat to the mayans, crack open a ciggie, pour yourself a double, dig into a rare sirloin and covet thy neighbour’s wife. Or thy neighbour. You’ll die but you’ll be fat, drunk, envied and incurably diabetic.

That’s how we can all put the happy in Happy New Year.

– Manmeet Singh Bhatia


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