IMG_0936Dust your knuckles,
punch my nose.
Kinky mama’s boy,
hit me more.
Please make me roar.

Throw me in and throw me out.
Smash my head with mirror and wall.
No point in running now.
Bloody mama’s boy please make me roar.

I am your chosen killer
and i chose this saw for you.
Usually i am anti-torture,
only this time it’s you.

You pay for what you get,
you own what you pay for.
It’s not the goodbyes that hurt,
but the flashbacks that follow.

Stare with your bare breasts
move your hips, make me moan.
Lovely untidy whore,
Take me home.

I know you are loving it.
Roll your drums,
coz you are fucking it.
Ugly and tidy whore,
take me home.

I am a tainted lover.
I am good to screw.
Cold murder after a candlelight,
coz this time it’s you.