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24 Carat Sleep



Showreel – 2015

Showreel – 2015 Poetbabu

Bhaiyaji goes Viral (Experimental)

A lil experiment I did on an old video. Enjoy !


Dance of the Satyrs – Daemonia Nymphe

Sal-vey !

A fan video.

(I do not own any rights to the audio)

Manmeet Singh Bhatia (Poetbabu)

Come Saturday Morning

Track: Come Saturday Morning
Artist: The Sandpipers

Come Saturday morning, I’m goin’ away with my friend
We’ll Saturday-spend till the end of the day, just I and my friend
We’ll travel for miles in our Saturday smiles and then we’ll move on
But we will remember long after Saturday’s gone

Come Saturday morning, come Saturday morning




Directed and Edited by:
Manmeet Singh Bhatia (Poetbabu)

Can you hear me?

Mother, cant you hear me cry?
I am screaming pain but you don’t hear, why?
Oh father, don’t you see these scars?
I am spreading my arms but you’re always far.

I am slipping away, somewhere very dark.
from the night in your cradled arms to the darkest hollow
The anger, i promise will come out of your eyes.
Tears of rush will follow.

Oh mother have you gone blind?
and father don’t you feel no pain?
I am slipping, don’t let me away.
I am your child till my dying day.

I am falling down, but i do not reach the floor.
I always looked up to you my first friend, didn’t you know?
The fear, can’t you see has faded my smile?
Tears that crush will follow.

You promised me that circus.
Who lost the grip?
You promised i am your precious.
Who walked way?
I promised you never to go far way.
I am slipping.
I am screaming, can you hear me?
I am slipping.


– Poetbabu

Dark World Burden

Track: Dark World Burden
Artist: Novembers Doom
Album: The Pale Haunt Departure

This is a fan video, this was made only to pay homage to Novembers Doom. I do not own the audio.
Manmeet Singh Bhatia (Poetbabu)


My Last Lenore.


I was once followed by a fire flower.
Dazzled when I looked at her, she shied away.
When I called, she flew to the blooded morning sun.
With the fear of being burnt again.

I was hooked and so I followed her light.
Against the wind, chucked pines won’t let me go.
But I remembered the pain bestowed on her fragile tides.
What caused it, I wanted to know.

In the snow I found the mark of her dreary leaf.
Scared, fled, dragged, ragged or red.
Questions rose faster than the falling snow.
Why would beauty part itself from its beloved?

Through wind she sent her whisper
‘Behold its not the snow.
With this raindrop let me flow’
And with whisper my slumber broke.

I was once summoned by a fire flower.
Awake, for her dream I sore.
With shattered vibrancy and broken pictures,
I write her my last Lenore.

Tonight, I long to talk to her once more.
Want to brush her hair once more.
Once more I want to hug her tight.
Tonight, I want to kiss her once more.

Tonight, I want to touch her cheek with mine.
Want to dance with her all night.
Once more I want to hold her tight.
Tonight, I want to love her once more.


Oblivion River

enslaved_-_frost_inside_2With the dying sun and moon, starts the process of shadow sea.

He who bears will witness, his body laid in heavy stone grave.

Behind the veil of sound, earth wept, summer’s light disappear.

His body placed in the boat. Winter and darkness wins.

I will come back. I will come again. When winter’s spirits are weak, I will rise again.

Under the earth, the hidden world resides.

Behind the clouds against the west, the winter and autumn, holding a party.

It is cold and dark in the deep, grow where only shadows.

Where there is darkness creeping, the skin reads horror.

Dead rests in white garments behind the heavy cold stone doors,

but listen to death army you occasionally hear the song.


Sadistic Bastard (Chapter 2) – Bastards and Bitches.

IMG_0936Dust your knuckles,
punch my nose.
Kinky mama’s boy,
hit me more.
Please make me roar.

Throw me in and throw me out.
Smash my head with mirror and wall.
No point in running now.
Bloody mama’s boy please make me roar.

I am your chosen killer
and i chose this saw for you.
Usually i am anti-torture,
only this time it’s you.

You pay for what you get,
you own what you pay for.
It’s not the goodbyes that hurt,
but the flashbacks that follow.

Stare with your bare breasts
move your hips, make me moan.
Lovely untidy whore,
Take me home.

I know you are loving it.
Roll your drums,
coz you are fucking it.
Ugly and tidy whore,
take me home.

I am a tainted lover.
I am good to screw.
Cold murder after a candlelight,
coz this time it’s you.


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