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I Am Nemisis

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Come feel my love, the sweet desire,

Lay your snow on my funeral pyre. 

Ashes blown in the night owls eye,

And sang my heart this lustrous fire. 


How many moons have shimmered past,

Too many wars have come to last.  

Only Tragedy befalls arrogance of man,

Let’s flee my love, to the god’s great land. 


Float in the silver sun, carry me too, 

Our lore shall be passed like a kissing fuel. 

And when we shall become a saddest past,

Come be my love, my darkest cast. 


Your body is my shrine, a grotesque blend. 


We shall elope with summer winds, 

Our path we’ll have winter entwined. 

And when the morning current sores,

Hold my hands in your darkest shores. 


Embrace my heart, this stranded creep,

Your broken part is mine to keep. 

Beyond all lies, your pieces I hold,

To fix it with my crimson gold. 



Musique BC – E04 – Idiot Box

Check out the new episode here: Musique BC – E04 – Idiot Box

Guest: Sameera Jonnalagadda;

Produced by Manmeet Singh Bhatia
Music by Purple Planet

(Rights to below mentioned songs used in this episode belong to their respective owners)

Waiter Bring Me Water – Shania Twain

In Dreams – Roy Orbison (OST Blue Velvet)

Bhavamulona – A.R Rahman & M.S Subbulakshmi (Ok Kanmani)

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Musique BC – E 03 – What Once Was – Part – 2

Listen to the episode here: Musique BC – E 03 – What Once Was – Part – 2

Guest: Vikram Yeshpal Yadav;

Produced by Manmeet Singh Bhatia
Music by Purple Planet

(Rights to below mentioned songs used in this episode belong to their respective owners)

Roja Jaanemann (Instrumental) – Roja (1992)

Bombay (Instrumental) – Bombay (1995)

Dating – Boys (2003)

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Pre-school Education Expert Talk Video 2016 – TOPIC – “Separation Anxiety?”

Check out the new video i made for the Pre-school expert talk series.

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The Poetry Of Life

A Film by
Manmeet Singh Bhatia


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Truth Be Told


All this rust of gold
let the future be told
Will we ever see,
what our truth will be?

Mother of the air
shine your light again
Make your presence known
take your children home

Yesterday was a blessed escape
Today is helter skelter
Yesterday was a blessed escape but
tomorrow the truth will be told

Children of the earth
last call for rebirth
Walk down right below
where the truth we will know


Of Fire And The Void

There is nothing more poetic than nature itself. It just so happens that i did feel the caress of nature and also captured it here : Of Fire And The Void (Click here)



A Gothic Romance


A Gothic Romance

Naked I stand
Above the crown of corrupted souls
Reunited by night’s kiss
I drown myself in deepest sorrow
Ready to surrender my soul
Truly, my blood will
Deep in your dark thoughts


I follow your embrace
To your sweet embers
I fall from filth that is mankind
I fly


I shall never forget you
Unknown to corrupted minds
Born of velvet darkness
Awaken from pious shrines

And Diane,

Tonight I will drink your blood wine


Like A River

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