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A Gothic Romance


A Gothic Romance

Naked I stand
Above the crown of corrupted souls
Reunited by night’s kiss
I drown myself in deepest sorrow
Ready to surrender my soul
Truly, my blood will
Deep in your dark thoughts


I follow your embrace
To your sweet embers
I fall from filth that is mankind
I fly


I shall never forget you
Unknown to corrupted minds
Born of velvet darkness
Awaken from pious shrines

And Diane,

Tonight I will drink your blood wine


But, You are like a brother…

A Workshop we did at XIC. Mentored by Vikas Desai Sir.

It’s an interval scene. A boy goes to meet his Childhood friend, but with an intention to propose her for marriage. Little did he know that he was like a brother to her 😉

Charanpreet Chall
Tanu Malhotra
Nikita Singh
Sakshi Goosain
Manmeet Singh Bhatia (Poetbabu)

Enacted by:
Sakshi Goosain
Manmeet Singh Bhatia (Poetbabu)

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