As multiplayer gaming has become more and more prevalent among PC and console gamers alike, there have been a number of competitive leagues that have sprouted up in which the players can compete with the best in the world. This online competition is known as Electronic sport or E-sport for short and is one of the fastest growing trends in the world.
Electronic sports are essentially online competition between gamers and a selected gaming title is their battlefield. Like any other sport multiplayer gaming too requires skills, temperament and team work for success and much like professional sports, E-sports involves recruiting, training and sponsorships for the highest level of gamers. The history of E-sports can be traced back to games like ‘Doom’, which introduced multiplayer death-match games for the first time in which players used modem to modem connections.
Since then, the E-sports scene has continued to grow and has seen tremendous leaps in terms of the prize money, sponsorships and global recognition for the gamers. Nowadays, players travel round the globe to compete in various competitions to prove their mettle. Competitions like the ‘World Cyber games’ and ‘Electronic Sports World Cup’ are equivalent to the world cup of professional sports where teams from all over the world take part in fierce competition for both the bragging rights and the huge prize money involved.
In India, E-sports is a relatively new phenomenon, but it is catching up soon. Reuben Pereira, officially India’s best FIFA player and the only medal winner for India at the World Cyber Games is a living proof of the fact. “Gaming in India has reached new heights altogether and with good sponsorships by companies like India games and ESPN promoting the sport, the popularity of E-sports has reached a new high”, says Pereira who has been the face of Indian gaming for quite some time now.
With technology becoming cheaper and more sophisticated, it is a safe bet that E-sport will be a staple among the future generations and the increasing prize money in the sport will only draw more and more people towards it.