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And I entitled it: A Dirge…

Hey, generation of morrow,

Do you bathe in bricks,

Do you feast on shattered glass?

Is your mistress proud of you?

Do you feast on weaker mass

Do you sulk on higher doze?

Hey, hey, are you they talk about?

The one they worship

Are you the one in hiding?

Trying to boost your importance

Are you even qualified

Do you care for the rotten?

Hey, genocide, did you ever dine with it?

Have you Paralyzed your bone and mind

Are you the one who pities the crying?

Is it your pet who’s dying?

It is your damaged car

Or is it the one you ran over?

Hey, children of the lesser men

Which way is your god?

Is he hiding in your filth

Or did he die with incest?

Do you bite the bait of faith and hope

Bathed in pleasured forsaken songs?

  • – Poetbabu

Nothing Ever Matters.

20 years of blind following,

in the name of trust, love and serenity.

20 years of killing faith,

did it ever matter?


20 years of hope destroyed,

as we see them overtake our lifes.

Add 20 meanings to life.

Will they never matter?


20 years of painful lies,

for manipulative masters of headcrushing mice.

Yet another 20 years to rise,

will it ever matter?


Breath alive the 21st time.

And you still wonder my unattainable life.

Saving self 21st time seemed perfect crime,

but will those 20 lifes ever matter?


– Manmeet Singh Bhatia


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