I tell you lies, i tell you i wait for you all night.

I tell you i miss you,

and I’ll always kiss you.


Oh.. No..


I call you mine,

but baby I’m not drinking your vintage wine.

oh please don’t cry.

I tell you everything is gonna be fine.


Who knows?


So when i say i think about you,

and when i say i dream about you.

I lie.

Now don’t cry.

Coz you’re not the only one,

bitch of mine.


That’s right.


And if you love me, love me.

Hate me, hate me.

It can be what you want it to be,

Just don’t judge me.


Oh don’t do that.


Just don’t judge me.


Love me, we can have all the fun.

Hate me, oh darling you’re not the only one.

love, lust, hug, kiss or hate me.

And sweetie, i will be what you want me to be.

But don’t judge me.


Oh.. No..


Just don’t judge me.