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Nostradamus – II



Lived in a distorted life, a soul i am

Traumatized and tormented, thrown into the damn

Being all aberrant does not help

On the path that i am led

As simple as it was, now i am dead

Lying on my last comfy bed

As intrepid i thought i was, but fear of death is worth after all

Now i can hear my last call

Who knows it angels or reaper

I see the shadows all blurred above

Feeling my soul torn apart, its reaper after all

Entering the realms of hell, the gates open wide

Worshipping the inverted pentagram, bore a fruit of pride

Standing in front of the one

Satan the bilial the lucifer himself

Standing there in front of him i learn

There goes away my life of waif

Seeing his flaming eyes, i gave a happy sigh

He asked me to sit beside him

And i knew that is where my fate lies

Younus Yousuf


Dance of the Satyrs – Daemonia Nymphe

Sal-vey !

A fan video.

(I do not own any rights to the audio)

Manmeet Singh Bhatia (Poetbabu)

A Divine Tragedy…


A Divine Tragedy..

Oh Ariana,
my sweetness of sorrow.
Your dreams i’ve dreamt,
my bittersweet horror.

Hold on tight,
why are you lost in the light?
We are together to be,
today and tomorrow.

This is the divine tragedy.

Divine touch of colors,
wont you brighten my wind?
I’m out in the cold,
wont you take me in?

Your dark nectar i take,
my swan by the lake.
Wont you dance for me,
by the fire and be free?

This is the divine tragedy.

How you’re deep i know,
like flakes of northern snow.
A conjuring cold wind,
but you are my only friend.

In a little place called paradise,
I will be looking through your eyes.
We will wander together in eternity
and embrace this divine tragedy.


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