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Nostradamus – II



Lived in a distorted life, a soul i am

Traumatized and tormented, thrown into the damn

Being all aberrant does not help

On the path that i am led

As simple as it was, now i am dead

Lying on my last comfy bed

As intrepid i thought i was, but fear of death is worth after all

Now i can hear my last call

Who knows it angels or reaper

I see the shadows all blurred above

Feeling my soul torn apart, its reaper after all

Entering the realms of hell, the gates open wide

Worshipping the inverted pentagram, bore a fruit of pride

Standing in front of the one

Satan the bilial the lucifer himself

Standing there in front of him i learn

There goes away my life of waif

Seeing his flaming eyes, i gave a happy sigh

He asked me to sit beside him

And i knew that is where my fate lies

Younus Yousuf


Tiamat — Love Is As Good As Soma

Audio: Tiamat – Love Is As Good As Soma
Visuals: Fight Club (1999)

This is a fan video. I do not own any audio or visual rights.

Manmeet Singh Bhatia (Poetbabu)

Black as White as Grey.

Short of words i try to make my point.

But i said never enough to make you mine.

You planned your strike and stopped caring.

When you did stop, then so did i.

Then why am i the hard one?

Then why am i in pain?

All those good times did you swallow?

And Is my descent your gain?


Stammer my way to explain you.

I have craved to see you.

And waiting for you maybe i have changed.

If i have changed, then so have you.

Yes i am the one in sorrow,

and i am the one you have killed.

But now that i have defined you,

never again shall i let you in.


– (Poetbabu)

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