Life as we speak is a source of corruption

Mind as we speak is a source of destruction

Do as we speak is a source of pollution

All together is a source of annihilation

The government is meant to be the protector

Of mankind and all its belongings

But who is there to take care of government

Its just a lie and all that’s wrong with our society

Our life and trust is hanging on the thread

A pull of the string gives shivers though our head

All of It is just a fucking lie

One who could not lie would not survive

(It’s just the basis of evolution, survival of the fittest)

Jealousy is all that we have left today

Greed is just a means to pay

Degradation of our souls is just a say

Giving our pride and honor away

Betrayal is our means of life

Locking the dark forces in our mind

Friends are all that we have tonight

But who gives a damn let them burn in fight

Who could see what it has brought us to

Our life’s is gray and so is our soul

A wish could not stop it, a thought could not break it

What’s wrong with our society?

Younus Yousuf