Photo0705_001I saw a little raven, walking down the park.

You were adoring it from the bench, below the bark.

Then a nasty cat got there and mama got scared too.

Then you cried me for help and honey, I didn’t mind, I did it for you.

My bag it’s full of books you say, homework’s a big load.

and mamma’s bit worked up with cooking and chores.

mommy need some rest, grandpa his meds and greedy aunt some food.

then welcome Mr Kitchen guy, who won’t mind, he’ll cook how mamma do.

Oh Orange, let’s fly like birdies in the sky.

to the place where tooth fairy hides.

or let’s just call them on your side.

and get dresses and gifts of all size.

aahemm greedy

well I passed by Christmas yesterday and saw Santa there

asked him for your barbie and a magic bear.

clueless Santa deck the halls to DO DA DO DA DO.

I got you all and more of it coz I do it for you.

It’s sunny and you’re tiny says mamma get in.

You’ll swing down with the swings and fly with the wind.

But Orange wants a castle and smash it down with booboo.

Well, daddy’s got your back honey, so let’s go out and jump like kangaroos do.

All hail the blossom charm, so swift.

Orange of the blossom land, tender lit.

Of her aww, of her winks, of her hair, of her kisses.

All hail Orange the Blossom princess.

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