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The Radiant Stars

A random experiment i did with my two little cousins.

Enjoy !


Nostradamus – II


Dance of the Satyrs – Daemonia Nymphe

Sal-vey !

A fan video.

(I do not own any rights to the audio)

Manmeet Singh Bhatia (Poetbabu)

Forever Autumn Reflections.

Rain in the sun

Drying of the grass

Seasons changing fast,

Sweet September.


Dance on the glass

Untouched letters of the past

It rained yesterday,

I remember.


This wind pierces through me.

Autumn comforts me with its cure.


Fragment to the phantosmic

Scream of the quiet air

kaleidoscope in the dark,

Whoring slumber.


– Manmeet Singh Bhatia


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