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Lived in a distorted life, a soul i am

Traumatized and tormented, thrown into the damn

Being all aberrant does not help

On the path that i am led

As simple as it was, now i am dead

Lying on my last comfy bed

As intrepid i thought i was, but fear of death is worth after all

Now i can hear my last call

Who knows it angels or reaper

I see the shadows all blurred above

Feeling my soul torn apart, its reaper after all

Entering the realms of hell, the gates open wide

Worshipping the inverted pentagram, bore a fruit of pride

Standing in front of the one

Satan the bilial the lucifer himself

Standing there in front of him i learn

There goes away my life of waif

Seeing his flaming eyes, i gave a happy sigh

He asked me to sit beside him

And i knew that is where my fate lies

Younus Yousuf




Born in the parlor with all that I have,

No one above me to show me the path,

History is hollow and so is my life,

The hell below me will show me its wrath.

God forgive me for being that I am not,

God forgive me for behaving like a rot,

God forgive me for throwing what I’ve got,

God forgive me for being that I am not. G

ardens around me that I had devoured,

People around me that I had empowered,

And all the evil, the deaths had I showered,

Incorporated, oh I am such a coward.

God forgive me for being that I am not,

God forgive me for behaving like a rot,

God forgive me for throwing what I’ve got,

God forgive me for being that I am not.

For being he who announced “Norvus Ordo seclorum”,

I am the one who should be punished,

For bringing in the order of Destruction,

For being the one who did not think to refurnish.

God forgive me for being that I am not,

God forgive me for behaving like a rot,

God forgive me for throwing what I’ve got,

God forgive me for being that I am not.

I am as guilty if guilty is charged,

For thinking of self and never the world,

As all of them who ought to choose my path,

As all the humanity who has to be hurled……(with me).

Younus Yousuf

I am afraid.

IMG_9749aI’m afraid of women pulling a knife at me, and society telling me I must have deserved it.

I’m afraid of getting more jail time for the same crime comparing to women.

I’m afraid I will get raped in prison and never be considered a rape victim.

I’m afraid of women hitting me, and than police arresting me for domestic violence.

I’m afraid that they will take me at gun point to fight in a war to protect the women.

I’m afraid of dying while working, as 9 out 10 workplace deaths are male.

I’m afraid of woman sexually harassing me, and than being laughed at.

I’m afraid that women will take my children away.

I’m afraid of getting convicted for rape for having consensual sex after we had a few drinks.

I’m afraid I will be forced to pay for the woman after she gets bored of marriage.

I’m afraid of my son being stuffed with Ritalin for being more energetic than the girls.

I’m afraid of him getting expelled from school for standing up to a bully.

I’m afraid of feminists trying to ban peeing while standing up.

I’m afraid of kindergartens taking away toy trucks because boys like them better. (google it)

I’m afraid of dying of prostate cancer which gets less than half money for research than breast cancer.

I’m afraid to walk alone at night cause I might get raped.

I’m afraid to put my drink down at a party.

I’m afraid if I leave my pepper spray at home I’m making myself a victim.

I’m afraid that i will be arrested or shot because i am Indian or Pakistani or wear a turban or am of a certain skin tone.

I’m afraid once i have kids all I will be is a baby caring unit and no longer seen as an individual.

I’m afraid I wont be seen as anything but my physical body and that my opinions wont matter.

I’m afraid that if I wear a shirt that’s too plunging someone might think its an invitation to feel me up.

I’m afraid that I wont have autonomy over my body because a group of old men know whats best for me and my sexual health.

I’m afraid for the DAY I have kids, because I’m going to have to teach them about brass knuckles and how to get out of a dreadful situations.

I’m afraid that my kids and their will be afraid.

– Poetbabu


Life as we speak is a source of corruption

Mind as we speak is a source of destruction

Do as we speak is a source of pollution

All together is a source of annihilation

The government is meant to be the protector

Of mankind and all its belongings

But who is there to take care of government

Its just a lie and all that’s wrong with our society

Our life and trust is hanging on the thread

A pull of the string gives shivers though our head

All of It is just a fucking lie

One who could not lie would not survive

(It’s just the basis of evolution, survival of the fittest)

Jealousy is all that we have left today

Greed is just a means to pay

Degradation of our souls is just a say

Giving our pride and honor away

Betrayal is our means of life

Locking the dark forces in our mind

Friends are all that we have tonight

But who gives a damn let them burn in fight

Who could see what it has brought us to

Our life’s is gray and so is our soul

A wish could not stop it, a thought could not break it

What’s wrong with our society?

Younus Yousuf

A Soul Collage

You speak in tongues
I dont understand.

I want your soul
not a carbon of ‘Pan’.

Do you really believe?
Are you really to blame?

Or do you mimic the soul
Of one riding the flame?

In the sea of iniquity
beyond the rising black sun.

Lies a flower so delicate
the twice forgotten one

Kepola Athonoxo

Can you hear me?

Mother, cant you hear me cry?
I am screaming pain but you don’t hear, why?
Oh father, don’t you see these scars?
I am spreading my arms but you’re always far.

I am slipping away, somewhere very dark.
from the night in your cradled arms to the darkest hollow
The anger, i promise will come out of your eyes.
Tears of rush will follow.

Oh mother have you gone blind?
and father don’t you feel no pain?
I am slipping, don’t let me away.
I am your child till my dying day.

I am falling down, but i do not reach the floor.
I always looked up to you my first friend, didn’t you know?
The fear, can’t you see has faded my smile?
Tears that crush will follow.

You promised me that circus.
Who lost the grip?
You promised i am your precious.
Who walked way?
I promised you never to go far way.
I am slipping.
I am screaming, can you hear me?
I am slipping.


– Poetbabu

Black as White as Grey.

Here you go


Click here:

Black as White as Grey..


– Poetbabu

My Last Lenore.


I was once followed by a fire flower.
Dazzled when I looked at her, she shied away.
When I called, she flew to the blooded morning sun.
With the fear of being burnt again.

I was hooked and so I followed her light.
Against the wind, chucked pines won’t let me go.
But I remembered the pain bestowed on her fragile tides.
What caused it, I wanted to know.

In the snow I found the mark of her dreary leaf.
Scared, fled, dragged, ragged or red.
Questions rose faster than the falling snow.
Why would beauty part itself from its beloved?

Through wind she sent her whisper
‘Behold its not the snow.
With this raindrop let me flow’
And with whisper my slumber broke.

I was once summoned by a fire flower.
Awake, for her dream I sore.
With shattered vibrancy and broken pictures,
I write her my last Lenore.

Tonight, I long to talk to her once more.
Want to brush her hair once more.
Once more I want to hug her tight.
Tonight, I want to kiss her once more.

Tonight, I want to touch her cheek with mine.
Want to dance with her all night.
Once more I want to hold her tight.
Tonight, I want to love her once more.


Oblivion River

enslaved_-_frost_inside_2With the dying sun and moon, starts the process of shadow sea.

He who bears will witness, his body laid in heavy stone grave.

Behind the veil of sound, earth wept, summer’s light disappear.

His body placed in the boat. Winter and darkness wins.

I will come back. I will come again. When winter’s spirits are weak, I will rise again.

Under the earth, the hidden world resides.

Behind the clouds against the west, the winter and autumn, holding a party.

It is cold and dark in the deep, grow where only shadows.

Where there is darkness creeping, the skin reads horror.

Dead rests in white garments behind the heavy cold stone doors,

but listen to death army you occasionally hear the song.



For the prophecy that has been told

My only voice, the only voice

Shouting, screaming, crying in demise

No one is here, no one could hear

But those who stand along fear

But that race is long gone by

The time is near, this time its fear

The life’s long gone, the end is near

There is no time to wash the sins

There is no time to save you beings

There is no time to fulfill your dreams

All you see is the fire in the sky

Yes, that means the Satan is near

The god we prayed left us long by

From the corner of your eyes

you see the sacred souls peer

All you can do is sit back and pray

But no one is there to hear you say

You cannot be granted sanity

There is no use for all your vanity

Like a breeze of cold wind your soul tears apart

Every last effort you made, all gone in vain

No longer you feel the pain

Balls of fire fall, winds of death

Storms sent direct from hell

The earth shatters like your faith in god

The hell devours your soul with heart

Never had you thought of say

“Hallowed be thy name”

Who do you expect to save you in your time of need.


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