We sail our lives early everyday
Thrashing out in sun
Lonely hours of pay

Blood on our cradle, water in our vein
Led aimless to the morgue
The sinners aren’t afraid.

They taught you how to hate me
They taught you how you win
It’s just an endless delusion that you are in.

I heard it on the radio, my TV, in my bed.
The raiders came from north
to draw the maps

Now it will end, now that the past is gone.
Now we will win, now we will carry on.

Once i worship killers, the ones who feast with kings
They sold us out for mansions
for holy useless things

When revolution started, they were never really dead.
Hence came quest for cocaine.
To strangle us in bed.

Now pears are dying in the corruption of the sun
Generations in ruin
End has just begun

Knifes on delusions, we are standing on the shore.
So sailors and the con men
Can fool us all once more