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13 71053-manikinUndoubtedly, Johan Edlund is a musician par excellence. A very good gothic. An artist in every way. The leader from Tiamat (Sweden) can easily say about painting that it’s just a hobby, but the profoundness of his works and his talent can certainly allow one to name him a painter, and even a successful one. (Photos: Facebook. Romanian version of this text here)

11 churchwindowfleshwound3

The art of Johan Edlund is like a complex number: it is composed by adding a real number to an imaginary one. A mix of places, events, occurrences, associated with wishes, dreams, visions. A world whom he adds a magic(k) point. An unit composed of many parts, of distinct elements – lines, angles, circles, shapes and features, all of them different, which create a whole where every dash plays its own part.

12 intheflesh

Various conjugations and combinations, connections made with an infinite patience, all these define…

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