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Mega – Review: Kick 2

While they managed to walk the rope between comedy and mass in most of their films, Actor Ravi Teja and Director Surender Reddy seem to have lost their balance this time around. Remember the word ‘mass’, it is soon going to destroy the industry. It is very evident that the director was full of ideas, ideas that were never new and trying all of them with absolutely no idea where to go. This is a film that will make you demand for an apology letter from the filmmakers.


The film starts off with Robinhood (Ravi Teja), son of Kalyan (also Ravi Teja) from the first instalment of Kick coming down to Hyderabad from the US to get back the land belonging to his father from a land grabbing realtor Ashish Vidyarthi. While Robinhood, a doctor, is busy beating the life out of land grabbers including Pandit Ravi Teja (Brahmanandam) and also treating them simultaneously so he can again beat the life out of them; he meets a beautiful writer Chaitra (Rakul) narrating some stories to a producer. Chaitra falls in love with Robinhood for absolutely no reason in about one minute of meeting him. Meanwhile, in Vilaspur, a village in Bihar, the villagers are looking for a God-like person who could rescue them from the atrocities of the local ruthless don Solomon Singh Thakur (Ravi Kishan) who calls himself ‘son of god’ almost every time he appears on screen.


Now the story picks up a little when one of the villager finds Robinhood beating the life out of a rowdy in Jedcherla and feels he is the god they have been waiting for all these days and the one who can rescue them from an apparent ‘son of god’. Now ‘son of god’ has taken in sons of every villager and turned them into his army to fight against their own families by drugging them repeatedly and from a very young age. How they bring Robin Hood to their village and make him fight against the Thakur using Chaitra forms the rest of the story. While first half gives a little hope, second half just destroys everything. Make a guess and you wont be wrong because there is nothing in this film that you have not seen before.


Story wise the film is a bad mashup of Mahesh Kaleja and every other Ravi Teja film that has released in last five years. As always, Brahmanandam seems the only member of the cast trying to save the sinking ship. Rakul Preet looks charming till you figure out the film hasn’t moved forward since first one hour. The worse yet is the untimely and absolutely unnecessary dream sequence songs giving a feel of the 90’s mentality of the director refusing to just let go the formula. This is by far the worst work by editor Gautham Raju. This is one film he would like to happily bury and never put it on his resume. Only light of decency was in cinematography of Manoj Paramahamsa who also has worked with the director for Race Gurram. While following a typical decade old pattern of dream sequences and a pre-climax item song seems boring enough, music by S. Thaman also has nothing new about it, nothing you will remember for long or nothing worth a special mention.


Given that Ravi Teja has mentioned in one of the interviews that Kick 2 will start the trend of franchise films in Telugu; it is fair to believe that you don’t desperately ruin your own franchise unless decisions have been made in haste or were utterly unthoughtful, as proved by a booing and disappointed crowd. There is a very big lesson the makers and the actor need to get out of this. Director Surender Reddy owes the viewers an apology and especially to Ravi Teja fans who have been on their toes right from the moment the sequel was announced.


Through a debatable new lean look, Ravi Teja is in his own monotonous mass league. Even though his dialogue delivery is at its best, long gone are days when you could expect variety from the actor. Rakul Preet does a very decent job by being pretty but that fails miserably to lift the bad storyline and the making. Along with very talented and decent appearances of Brahmanandam and Tanikella Bharani throughout, there is also extremely talented bunch like Rajpal Yadav, Ravi Kishan, Sanjay Mishra and Ashish Vidyarthi not being used to their capacity; hardly anything you can blame them for as confused filmmakers themselves don’t know where to take the story. As if that wasn’t enough, we have a very unexpected guest appearance of a slow-motion dove. Yes a dove, a computerized dove that often out of nowhere appears on screen multiple times to show its slow-motion moves. At 170 min the film seems longer than life. There is absolutely no kick in this one. Skip it if you value your time and money and expect to watch something new. I give this film Two Mugs o’ Beer.


One Mug o’ Beer – Curses, Machood, Bhenchood!
Two Mugs o’ Beer – Lame, Gandu, Chutiya.
Three Mugs o’ Beer – Nothing Great, Nothing Great.
Four Mugs o’ Beer – Lovely, Sahi hai!
Five Mugs o’ Beer – Great, fuck, Mazaa aagaya!

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Bhaiyaji goes Viral (Experimental)

A lil experiment I did on an old video. Enjoy !


Crack the Whip

Here’s the biggest problem. We give too much power to our (so called) “democratically elected” representatives. Dilute that power and all that remains is a job. Just give them work and responsibility. Make them accountable. Let there be generous rewards for good conduct and swiftly deliver firm penalties for any misconduct. Let the public servants be under the burden of stringent laws and not the public. After all, their ideas and actions affect billions of us, don’t they? Give them work to do and crack the whip. They are the servants, aren’t they? There’s no need to bestow so much power. It’s power that corrupts, doesn’t it?

– Amon


Mega-Review: Metallica’s ‘St. Anger’

Well, let’s start with the fact that METALLICA is one of the most legendary heavy metal band of all times for various reasons, no doubt about it. Now we are all very much aware of all the arguments surrounding Metallica; like Megadeth vs Metallica, James vs Dave, old Metallica vs new Metallica or even who’s more heavier of the big four of American heavy metal. Although I feel Slayer and Megadeth take the trophy for being heavy I do not think that being heavy is the most important thing. If you went back to their early history, then one would expect a comparison between the Cliff Burton albums as they were the pinnacle. They made Metallica legendary. I’ve tried to make people understand that bands do not have to sound same every time in order to make good music. A very good example of this are bands Tiamat (Sweden) and Ulver (Norway); they’ve been different in all their albums and are maybe known for being unpredictable. I know both the bands i’ve mentioned are not of same genre as Metallica but take example of Megadeth, they breath and shit heaviness in every single album and so have become extremely predictable. Not good or bad, predictable. Metallica took a brave step with recent albums to sound different than previous ones. Not heaviness, they lost heaviness post Black album but still were able to hook; instead they lost something more than that, something that made Metallica ‘Metallica’. It is not even about being ‘metal enough’ as most wannabes wanna call it. It is totally okay to drop metal for the purpose of exploring music, like Tiamat and Opeth (Sweden) among many others did.  No purpose or loss of it, that is disheartening and brings me to St. Anger.


Revisiting Metallica​’s St. Anger album after years feels like meeting an old yet disreputable friend and being all excited at first and then remembering exactly why you never looked back at him all these years. The album doesn’t go anywhere, literally, there is no trip, no journey or story or feeling. They desperately want to give out feeling of doom and darkness through heaviness but fail miserably. Now that I did look back let me make it clear that I tried to be as objective and open minded as possible. There is a lot to praise Metallica for. Then again, there are way more bands which overall have much stronger discography to show for and releasing something as terrible as “St. Anger” happened to be quite rare also, at least by a well established band.

Lars and James, the two founding members, didn’t get along with each other at the time St. Anger was supposed to be recorded. Also their bassist Jason Newsted had enough and decided to leave Metallica. Bass was played by the producer Bob Rock. In that kind of environment things were bound to go wrong and they did – big time. Starting off from questionable album cover to the absurdly bad production, there is very little good on this album. Vocal effort by James is somewhat annoying and often too forced, but not the biggest issue of this album. But when it comes to instrumental part, while it mostly sounds like hard rock or even stoner rock, riffing is so dull, dry and uninspired. It feels like a random garage rehearsal, has no backbone. no soul and lacks of proper structure. It is, however, catchy at times with songs like ‘Some Kinda Monster’ and some songs have a little potential like ‘Shoot Me Again’ but otherwise spoilt by either lyrics or vocals or instruments.

I need to make something clear, lars Ulrich was once my favorite drummer, yes he was, but that was when he was the only drummer I knew. I remember watching a drumoff between Lars and James once and if I must be honest I loved James on drums and Lars just looked like he did not belong there. While even many of the hardcore Metallica fans would agree that Lars is nowhere near an excellent drummer, he has been decent on some of the early releases, most prominently on “And Justice for All…”. But here, drumming is the worst aspect of this release. Not only is playing as amateurish as it was on otherwise superb “Kill em’all”, but also drum sound is god awful and way too high in the mix. Snare sounds like hitting hollow barrels. Even cymbals sound incredibly annoying for most of the time. Yeah, Lars even uses double bass at times, but his generic style literally suffocates this album. There are no surprises, just one linear line of boredom.

While the drums are undisputable screw up here guitars are no good too. The vocals though are not badly mixed sound forced and at one point annoying and also, not to forget almost inaudible bass guitar played by Bob Rock, so who cares. The only good thing I can take out of this album is the song ‘The Unnamed Feeling’ (despite Metallicas total efforts to screw it up they managed to come up with one decent, if not totally awesome song) and Metallicas name; but shit wrapped in gold foil is still shit. Now i remember again how much it sucked for me to not look back at it all these years and hopefully wont in future, this is one good album to bury.

A little good feeling in songs ‘Some Kinda Monster’, ‘Shoot Me Again’ and my favorite ‘The Unnamed Feeling’, otherwise the album is just gutter. I give this album ‘Two mugs o’ beer’.

Metallica currently are :

James Hetfield : Vocals, Guitar

Lars Ulrich : Drums

Kirk Hammett : Guitar, background vocals

Robert TrujilloGear : Bass, Background Vocals


One Mug o’ Beer – Curses, Machood, Bhenchood!
Two Mugs o’ Beer – Lame, Gandu, Chutiya.
Three Mugs o’ Beer – Nothing Great, Nothing Great.
Four Mugs o’ Beer – Lovely, Sahi hai!
Five Mugs o’ Beer – Great, fuck, Mazaa aagaya!

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