The night is coming .. for you.


God made the universe, the milky way and millions of other galaxies, the stars and the moon, planets and asteroids. He made earth with the 5 elements. He then made us humans.

He also made Jinn’s…



The supernatural spirits mentioned in the Holy Quran and Islamic Mythology who Inhabit an unseen world, a place beyond human visions. A Jinn, therefore can be defined as “hidden from sight”.

It is the 6th day  of June of 2006 and Rajesh is walking back home with a friend – Umar.

At about 12:30 at night:

Rajesh is tying his shoe laces when they both hear weird noises from a distance. They can see nothing but sleeping dogs, one streetlight flickering at a distance. It’s a typical Indian summer night.

Rajesh jokes “Looks like demons are following us” and Umar slowly replies to him “RAJESH be quiet this place is inhabited by…

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