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Track: Teotananacl
Artist: Tiamat
Visuals: Ship of Theseus (film)

A Fan Video

Re-edited by Manmeet Singh Bhatia



Once upon a time…
In a faraway land called Istoria lived a King and a Queen
It was the recipe for the perfect story
But there was only one thing that was missing
The subjects had no feelings and it was a major worry

The king tried with all his might, the queen gave many insights
But they failed again and again to explain what emotions were
And so their subjects were nothing more than mechanical toys
Confused as they were to tell apart the wrong from the right

But then the king had a brilliant idea
He got comic capers to Istoria
They with all their wit and craft
Made the Istorians giggle and laugh

Then, as time went on the queen was hesitant as
The Istorians had become extremely complacent
But one fine day she said it’s all Write and
Got Mr. Disgust to speak on the repulsive nature of crimes

And just when we thought that all was well
Istoria had a few new visitors called Envy and love
Foot loose in their way, they turned Istoria into hell
And the story took a new curve

Frustration and Hope followed
Cut and Pasted in an unbreakable bond
While frustration motivated Istorians to work hard
Hope left them with beautiful collage

Lastly, Metronome has its thunder in Istoria declared
Surprise, Love, Fear, excitement, sadness all spread their charm
They completed Istoria’s story with an ever after
Offering the gift of life with open arms.

Location: St. Xavier, Mumbai.

Istoria is an annual event by Xavier Institute of Communication, Mumbai

A Film by

Manmeet Singh Bhatia (Poetbabu)

Black as White as Grey.

Here you go


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Black as White as Grey..


– Poetbabu

Dark World Burden

Track: Dark World Burden
Artist: Novembers Doom
Album: The Pale Haunt Departure

This is a fan video, this was made only to pay homage to Novembers Doom. I do not own the audio.
Manmeet Singh Bhatia (Poetbabu)


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