For the prophecy that has been told

My only voice, the only voice

Shouting, screaming, crying in demise

No one is here, no one could hear

But those who stand along fear

But that race is long gone by

The time is near, this time its fear

The life’s long gone, the end is near

There is no time to wash the sins

There is no time to save you beings

There is no time to fulfill your dreams

All you see is the fire in the sky

Yes, that means the Satan is near

The god we prayed left us long by

From the corner of your eyes

you see the sacred souls peer

All you can do is sit back and pray

But no one is there to hear you say

You cannot be granted sanity

There is no use for all your vanity

Like a breeze of cold wind your soul tears apart

Every last effort you made, all gone in vain

No longer you feel the pain

Balls of fire fall, winds of death

Storms sent direct from hell

The earth shatters like your faith in god

The hell devours your soul with heart

Never had you thought of say

“Hallowed be thy name”

Who do you expect to save you in your time of need.