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Aaji – Short Film

A Short Fiction Film we made.
Leave yours remarks. Thank you.

Pain of Departure

Curses thrown on me
forgiven i’m not, until i’m guilt free
deserve all this guilt, what did i do?
Pay for my sins, for the blood of my own.

Sin all inside my head.
Guilt i see is increasing.
Knowing and hiding hurts me now.
I see something i don’t want to see.

Another minute and i’ll have my charm lost.
So a day when i’ll lose you
will be the night when my life ends.
Chopping me is this pain of departure.

Crumbled world, when open a door.
There are people closing, into the dark.
Buried alive in the shifting sand,
and shadows moving, hold my hand.

The wound in me is pouring out.
I’m lost, can’t find those years
being by your side, in the worst.
Hanging by the moment with you.

The blink of an eye, everything is lost.
Gasping for another breath.
Screaming at the moor.
Chopping me is the pain of departure.

Manmeet Singh Bhatia

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