And she came

You called it fine when,

like a thunderstorm you met me.

Never knew something so divine would happen.

All secrets burned in a night & let nothing free

Got me blinded so I couldn’t see.

It felt like

We got closer every day,

like a breeze in the morning air.

Addicted to you I commit my sin,

with no points in between.

Empty bottle in my hand,

You make me hate myself.

I loved you everyday, though sensing an evil stay,

 A blur on her life disturbed me, it casts a disguise in my mind.

She broke me

In the end it’s the trust that was weaken

Its worse to try to understand

I died good-man full of pain

Trust and you’ll be trusted?

‘In love and war there ain’t no rules’

She has no way without me

She thinks that when she’ll die,

she’ll spend eternity up high.

When what she really has to know,

Is just how far her life will go.

I refused to learn my lesson.

Only fools make mistakes twice.

Some must learn the hard way, that’s what happened to me.

When all is learned in this life, “i will proceed”.

My brutal sin

A blast of revenge was emerging,

Turning my heart into stone.

Questions pinned at my soul,

“Honey! is this something you wanted to show?”

Yes she threw her curse on me !!

Stop messing round with your tricks,

There’s no forgiveness for your sins.

No matter how much pain you might inflict,

Now that this thought has set in,

I’ll Wake up and realize this brutal sin.

Walking the line that the world has drawn.

Fighting for balance alone in the dark.

Will you carry the burden the world has grown?

Will you destroy everything in your sight?

You alone can give this one more try.

You alone will bury me tonight.