• Natzi:

     good night little one
  •  Poetbabu:

     you leaving?
  •  Natzi:

  •  Poetbabu:

    Stay please

  •  Natzi: 
    r u not sleeping?
  •  Poetbabu:

    I mean stay if you wish to.

    I wanna talk. I’m sleepy though.
  • Natzi:

    okay but you will have to tell me a story

  •  Poetbabu:


  • Natzi:

    yes you


He was in love with the idea of love

He would see her everyday at the school but never could once have courage to tell her what he feels

When evening after the school he saw her standing with a group of friends

Not knowing how to say, he wrote his feelings for her on a dry leaf and asked a kid to give it to her.

The kid did and she read it and looked for him everywhere but couldn’t find him

Then she saw him, he was looking at her from a distance. From the corner of his eye as he kept coming closer and closer.

She gave him his leaf back and left without saying a word. He was heartbroken.

Tears started rolling in . He threw the leaf away

Then something stopped him. He picked the leaf again and turned it and there was her message.

They met where the tides were high.

There were no men

You write so well she said

He couldn’t say. Didn’t look away

She looked for truth in his eyes

He was in pain she knew. He had only written her name in his eyes

Scared she looked away. So much of love she thought. Ooh god why do you play?

She turned to leave in pain

His hand in hers made her stop

I leave tomorrow. I don’t belong here, she said.

He took her hand to his heart and said, ‘you’ll never leave, coz you belong here’


  • Natzi:
  • o yay~
  • what a beautiful story

  •   Poetbabu:

    Thank you
  • Natzi: 
    thank you for telling me ^____^
     why dont you post it?
  • Poetbabu:

    Glad you liked it

    I just made it 🙂