First of the Phantasm series.



Walking with sword and mask Into death, from life. naked and white, into the snow, dressed only in our world’s ashes. to search where Man of God doesn’t.

Into the mound kingdom of darkness, where they sit quietly dead. Do not fear to move alone, but travel to the world inside.

Covered with large shields, helmets, belts, knives and swords; unknown for the corrupted minds. Along the woods, long, sharp spears. On the branches breast plates of steel.

Watching the image ahead, Hid self in the tree nearby, hanging my head leaning forward on. Saw white horse from the hidden depths my ear bleeds, hear the mourn, sound of wind and desperate cry.

I move myself without any sound, on the ground looking at the image close by. in the white, beautiful strong fog, a creature, a woman’s ghost!


– Manmeet Singh Bhatia


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