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Hoping that this dawn will bring us light..

Phantasm I (Allure of The Mist)


Walking with sword and mask Into death, from life. naked and white, into the snow, dressed only in our world’s ashes. to search where Man of God doesn’t.

Into the mound kingdom of darkness, where they sit quietly dead. Do not fear to move alone, but travel to the world inside.

Covered with large shields, helmets, belts, knives and swords; unknown for the corrupted minds. Along the woods, long, sharp spears. On the branches breast plates of steel.

Watching the image ahead, Hid self in the tree nearby, hanging my head leaning forward on. Saw white horse from the hidden depths my ear bleeds, hear the mourn, sound of wind and desperate cry.

I move myself without any sound, on the ground looking at the image close by. in the white, beautiful strong fog, a creature, a woman’s ghost!


– Manmeet Singh Bhatia


This has been written from the point of view of the devil. Not to offend anyone. one of my initial poems. i wrote it about 4 years back. Enjoy!


Come out of the rain they say 
As they take your soul away 
But they never step aside 

No more mythological sleep walking 
Coz they don’t know what shit they’re talking 
With wounds, blood & scar 
Jesus crucified to get that far 

This is his end and just my beginning 
this is my blood, one word, my will to sustain 
i am the fire, all the warmth you can find. 

what you are doing here is wrong 
cant you see you are full of shit? 
don’t you want to see them burn? 
They keep throwing you in their pit. 

This is their end, they can take your mind away 
This is my blood, one word, my will to sustain 
In the light of day, cant you see it? 

You’re puked up and down in morbid faith 
What did you expect to find? 
How long will Jesus make you wait? 

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Nothing Ever Matters.

20 years of blind following,

in the name of trust, love and serenity.

20 years of killing faith,

did it ever matter?


20 years of hope destroyed,

as we see them overtake our lifes.

Add 20 meanings to life.

Will they never matter?


20 years of painful lies,

for manipulative masters of headcrushing mice.

Yet another 20 years to rise,

will it ever matter?


Breath alive the 21st time.

And you still wonder my unattainable life.

Saving self 21st time seemed perfect crime,

but will those 20 lifes ever matter?


– Manmeet Singh Bhatia


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