God made the universe, the milky way and millions of other galaxies, the stars and the moon, planets and asteroids. He made earth with the 5 elements. He then made us human beings.

He also made Jinn’s…



The supernatural spirits mentioned in the Holy Quran and Islamic Mythology who Inhabit an unseen world, a place beyond human visions. A Jinn, therefore can be defined as “hidden from sight”.

It is the 6th day  of June of 2006 and Rajesh is walking back home with a friend – Umar.

At about 12:30 at night:

Rajesh is tying his shoe laces when they both hear weird noises from a distance. They can see nothing but sleeping dogs, one streetlight flickering at a distance. It’s a typical Indian summer night.

Rajesh jokes “Looks like demons are following us” and Umar slowly replies to him “RAJESH be quiet this place is inhabited by jinn’s”.

Rajesh was young and naive and did not believe in jinn’s, sensing the fear of his friend, he decided to wind him up & shouted “oh jinn’s come out and mess with me, let’s see how tough you really are”, his friend got more scared and told him to shut up which made Rajesh laugh and Rajesh tells him how these are just religious myths on which even his mother believes in, they were just made to scare kids to sleep and that they never made any sense to him and so, Rajesh continued to challenge and making fun of the jinn’s.
Little did he know that they would accept his foolhardy challenge

Twenty minutes passed and they were still out the road, in the night, walking back to their respective Homes. They lived in opposite lanes.
Around 1, while walking on a Tarred road back home, where there were a few houses around, it was still a long way back, Umar said he wanted to pee real bad so he asked Rajesh to wait there till he gets back.

So off he went and after a few minutes Rajesh felt a weird silence. All sorts of sounds were gone and even the noise of the insects which are clearly audible at night went totally silent. He thought he heard a noise & knew it came from his behind.
He could not see what made that noise and he eagerly started walking towards it.

It was a moonlit night and as he hardly took 10 steps in that direction he sensed air getting colder and that he was getting Goosebumps as he stood looking at this shadowy corner. He was frozen to the spot in amazement at first when he felt someone was holding his neck from behind. Thinking it is his friend he tries to turn but the hold is too tough and then he is pushed on the ground and his eyes are blocked from most of the sky behind him. His amazement started fading.

It came right up to his face and he felt being slapped hard and at the same time it felt as though his chest was crushed in a vice or a huge hand. He could not breath; no air would go past his throat because his chest was being crushed. He tries to fight it off. His eyes roll because he could not breath and had no energy left. His entire body is covered in sweat and his clothes are damp. Just when his vision started fading he heard a tick noise from behind and whatever was crushing his chest released its grip and he gasped for air. He turned around and saw Umar approaching and calling his name. Not able of believe what happened, he stood up and dusted his clothes. Umar has not seen him till then.

He stood up and as Umar approached he managed to control his heavy breathing. A part of him wanted to tell Umar what had just happened but then he didn’t want him to think he got scared and that it happened because he made fun of jinn’s, so he decided to keep quiet. Umar asks him how did he manage to gather dirt on his cloths and Rajesh pretended to ignore the question. On the way Umar kept looking at him but didn’t speak much.
They kept walking and Rajesh was silent thinking about what had just happened. They reached Umar’s lane and said goodbye to each other and Umar went on way and Rajesh proceeded towards his.

He did not get very far there it was again waiting for him about 20 or 30 feet away on the path. He stopped and it threw him fast like it was carried by the wind.
It hit Rajesh’s chest and was crushed and he could not get any air past his throat. He felt something heavy sitting on him. His eyes started to water as he tries to scream but can not.

His hands and legs gave away and eyes started to roll and his vision started to fade.
It was like turning the brightness down on a old TV, the edges of his vision went black and the picture got smaller and smaller. Suddenly his whole life went past him from childhood to that day,  like flicking the pages of a book with an image on each page. That’s when he thought he heard someone. He could not see the face but someone was reciting the kalimah – “Laa ilaaha illallaahu Muhammadur rasoolullaah ” With a thread in his hand, It was Umar and then the small white dot in the middle of his eye went black.

He woke the following morning and a doctor was examining him, he said Rajesh had some type of indigestion and was running high fever. He complained his chest hurt a lot and he did not tell anyone about what happened. Just when he turned to sleep, his mother came in with Umar and she had tears in her eyes.

He holds Umar’s hands and says “Thanks”

Umar smiles back.

Rajesh says again “sorry”.

Soon his mother made him meet someone who gave him a taweez and a bottle of water which he had recited quran on, he told Rajesh to make ablution with the water when he got home before going to bed. He said the jinn was a female and was in love with Rajesh and that if he did not get it treated then when he gets married, it would sit in the nikkah and he would never get rid of it and it would harm his wife and kids. This time he went with his mother’s beliefs.

After wearing the taweez he never saw it again but he never got to try the water because when he got home a visitor who was a little girl about 3 years old picked up the bottle and emptied its contents over the carpet.

God made the universe, Humans and Jinn’s… but he also made Mothers and Friends.

–      The End

   A story by

 Manmeet Singh Bhatia.