Come out of the rain they say 
As they take your soul away 
But they never step aside 

No more mythological sleep walking 
Coz they don’t know what shit they’re talking 
With wounds, blood & scar 
Jesus crucified to get that far 

This is his end and just my beginning 
this is my blood, one word, my will to sustain 
i am the fire, all the warmth you can find. 

what you are doing here is wrong 
cant you see you are full of shit? 
don’t you want to see them burn? 
They keep throwing you in their pit. 

This is their end, they can take your mind away 
This is my blood, one word, my will to sustain 
In the light of day, cant you see it? 

You’re puked up and down in morbid faith 
What did you expect to find? 
How long will Jesus make you wait? 
They keep playing with your mind 
Its not that hard to understand 
Just don’t shake the hand that feeds you sand 

You do me a favor & ill do you two 
There ain’t no turning back 
Satan’s voice to you, 
Taste my blood so warm and sweet, 
practice subversive dirty needs. 

For whom you shed a tear? 
For they will get killed again 
No acts of grace – stand up and fight 
You are my slave don’t question why. 

This is your end, i am taking your life away 
This hate could fill your perverse heart 
Your strength will just fray. 

You wanna be a rock’n roll star? 
You could do anything tonight, maybe 
I’ll see all your dreams come true 
any color you like as long as it’s black 
until another bastard gets bigger than you 
you can have anything if you just give it back 

Kill the one you love, get that one to me 
i don`t care if feel something 
growth of emotions, shall never succeed 
unloose the strings of instinct laws. 

You can not escape me 
I put you to the sword 
Madness, crime, disgrace, violence 
You’ll never reach the shore 

Except the very privilege to die 
Don’t worry, be more joyous to the death 
Don’t fear any god will deny you for this 
Strike hard and deep, to hell with your breath. 

I stole the color of night 
when blood runs warm and red 
To get out of your sight 
I’ll leave you when you’re dead.